Manual Squeeze Chutes

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Titan standard working CHUTE

The TWI Standard Working Chute is one of the Strongest Working chute's available today. It is a heavy duty, all steel unit, built to take abuse. The frame is of 2" square and 2 x 3” rectangular tube, high strength steel tubing: with all stress points reinforced for added strength and durability. The rumber floor is standard, with cleats every 6" to provide extra traction. The chute's size is large enough to handle the exotic breeds, yet versatile enough for calves.

Titan COmbo AI CHUTE

The Combo AI Chute has all the features of the working squeeze chute with the addition of a palpation cage with a common floor. The palpation cage is accessible from both sides. It is adjustable in width and will attach directly to TWI's Circular Working Facility.


TWI Chute Features:

  • Double acting squeeze
  • Double side width adjustment
  • Will handle all sizes of cattle
  • Both sides of the squeeze are gates
  • Each side gate is equipped with shoulder high quick latch access doors
  • Both sides feature foot doors
  • Includes TWI's unique "crowd ahead" bar
  • Tail gate is a vertical drop gate that can be locked either up or down
  • Controls are fully reversible

Optional Features:

  • TWI Quiet Package- consisting of a Rumber® floor and springs in the drop doors make the TWI chute one of the quietest chutes on the market
  • A manual or self catching Priefert Headgate. Most any head-gate may be mounted onto an TWI Working Chute or Combo AI Chute
  • A portable version of each chute is available
  • Optional Headtable available for Headgate
  • Scales available
  • Rubber louvers
  • Grooming Bars
  • 8'' Neck Excess Door
  • Palp cage EZ Latch. No hands
  • Horizontal slide gate

Pearson Manual CHUTE

Info: Built by quality craftsmen, our patented designs have been used in the industry for over 50 years.  We were the first to introduce vertical sides that allow cattle to move into the chute easily and stand in a natural position.  Our chute will automatically adjust to any size animal as the chute is squeezed with no climbing sides or excess slipping.  The heavy, rugged construction is powder coated for durability and designed for livestock and operator safety