Calf Tables/Alleyways

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Pearson Adjustable Alley

  • Long 15' 4" alley and short 8' 7" alley available.
  • vertical sides adjust in to 16" and out to 30" with an overhead screw jack. Both sides adjust to keep animal centered to working chute. 
  • Solid vertical sides for easy animal movement also eliminates climbing. 
  • All equipment is sheeted and fully caulked for sound dampening and rust prevention. 
  • Heavy, rugged one-piece construction
  • Optional catwalks on one or both sides give easy access to the animal. Catwalks on both sides are standard on the long alley.
  • Compatible with most straight and circular facilities. 
  • Add a scale platform and Tru-Test system for our adjustable alley scale. 
  • Available with hydraulic width adjustment.
  • optional alley trailer makes any unit portable. 
  • Additional options include self-catch or manual head gate and horizontal rolling gate for front and/or back

Titan Circular Cattle Working Facility

The Solution System for your Cattle Working Needs
The TWI Circular Cattle Working Facility is designed to save today's cattleman time and effort while working cattle.

There is no need to hire extra help with this system. Your regular crew can handle the job easily, safely, and in less time than ever before.

Adjustable to Handle All Sizes

  • 30' alley is designed to handle cattle of all sizes
  • The width adjustment ranges from 12" to 30"
  • Upgrade Option: EZ Adjust Alley width, 7 settings, will not freeze down
  • Panels are 5' tall & mounted 8" off ground level
  • Top bar is 5'8", prevents animal from jumping over panel
  • Sorting Cage- 3 way alley divider 8' straight alley to Loadout